Explore Ecuador on Two Wheels with our Premier Cycling Tours & Adventures

Biking Dutchman, a pioneer in Ecuador mountain biking tours since 1990, delivers unparalleled outdoor experiences with our guided bike tours. Explore the stunning landscapes of Ecuador along our expertly designed cycling routes, establishing us as the premier choice for biking enthusiasts. For over three decades, we’ve specialized in crafting custom bike tours and family bike tours, providing unforgettable excursions for cyclists of all skill levels.

With a commitment to safety, we offer top-notch tours, guaranteed for groups of two or more. To secure your spot, please complete our reservation form or get in touch at biking.dutchman@gmail.com.

Our enthusiasm for creating exceptional outdoor adventures remains as fervent as ever. Join the journey with the original experts and discover the wonders of Ecuador with Biking Dutchman!

Our Premium Packages
Biking Family Fun Trips

Family-Friendly Adventures: Crafting Unforgettable Fun

Mountain biking in Ecuador offers an exciting blend of adventure and fitness. Our Cycling Adventures are tailored for families and individuals eager to cruise through the majestic Mountains of Ecuador in an eco-friendly, dynamic manner. Each Bicycle Tour is adaptable, with the thrill level set by your own pace. We prioritize enjoyment and safety, ensuring that every moment of your Family Bike Tour is both exhilarating and secure. Our Eco Tours are designed with support vehicles trailing close by, providing the comfort of knowing you can hop on and off at anytime, resuming your mountain biking journey through Ecuador whenever you’re ready.

Wild Vicuña infront of Chimborazo

Volcanic Trio: A 3-Day Expedition into Nature's Wonders

Embark on a thrilling three-day mountain biking journey across the Ecuadorian Andes, featuring the dramatic landscapes of Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, and Chimborazo. Kickstart your adventure with an exhilarating descent while mountain biking in Cotopaxi, followed by a serene ride to Ecuador’s most picturesque lake on day two. The adventure peaks on day three as you approach Chimborazo, Earth’s closest point to the sun. This tour goes beyond mountain biking; it’s an immersion into Andean Indigenous cultures. Through these high-altitude trails, you might spot llamas, vicuñas, and condors. Experience biking in Ecuador at its best, where natural wonders meet cultural encounters, crafting unforgettable memories in every pedal stroke.

Old picture of the first days of the company

Over 35 Years of Providing Premier Mountain Bike Tours

Launched in 1990, we were the first to start with the concept of mountain biking tourism in Ecuador (and most likely in Latin America!) and we have not steered away from course. Every year we innovate in order to improve and  after 35 years of consistent good service, we think we have what it takes to offer you unparalleled fun and beauty.  Don’t think this is a trip for bike-lovers only, our main motivation is for you to explore the country from a eco-friendly and sustainable perspective.

cars driving in Cotopaxi

Safety is our priority

Biking Dutchman takes your safety very seriously. We cannot prevent accidents from happening but here is a list of precautions we take on every trip:

  1. Support vehicle that follows us from a distance in every single route. If the vehicle cannot enter the route, radio contact is constantly maintained, and a visual contact of our progress.
  2. Professional mountain bike guides who will teach riding techniques if needed.
  3. Our guides are all qualified in first aid, and we carry all the equipment on board.
  4. Professional car driver who is also a certified bicycle mechanic with tools and essential repair parts.
  5. Extra bicycle so the fun doesn’t stop on the rare occasion your bike fails.
  6. Helmets, rain gear, gloves, knee, and elbow pads are provided.

Sustainable tourism

When you buy one of our tours, you support our ongoing efforts to cooperate with the communities with whom we work. Some examples of our support: Staying overnight with community-owned initiatives like Sinchi Warmi in Misahuallí, a women-led project in the Amazon, Alpaca in Quilotoa, Comuna La Moya in Chimborazo. Additionally, we buy our Guayusa for your tea and the chocolate for our brownies from a Community in Puyo called Tsatsayaku.

Additionally, we are firm in our commitment to continue with our personal and company-level duties to minimize the negative impact of tourism on the environment. We compost, recycle, reduce our use of packaging. We have also started beekeeping in our backyard to protect bees and produce our own honey.

We are excited about the constant learning in our journey to being a sustainable company. As we evolve and as we learn from you and the new approaches to sustainable tourism, we pledge to continue working on minimizing our impact.

Owners of Biking Dutchman

The soul behind the company

Dutch entrepreneur Eric van Maasdijk, his wife Maricarmen and her son Mateo, took over the company in April of 2023 after thirty-three years of being run by its founder, Jan The Biking Dutchman and his wife, who decided it was time to retire.
The idea of Biking Dutchman was born in 1990 by Dutchman Jan and his passion for biking as a way to discover the world. He came to Ecuador as a backpacker and stayed in the country after getting married and forming a family. Jan and Ana are the pioneers of mountain bike tourism in Latin America!
Eric grew up in Ecuador and has always had a passion for this country traveling by bus to its most remote corners since he was sixteen years old. He went to study in The Netherlands but would often come to Ecuador with friends to show the country were he met Jan as early as 1995 and made several trips with Biking Dutchman during the next two decades, always being fascinated by the company’s business model.
In 2016 Eric returns to Ecuador to start a Dutch cookie company (which he sells a few years later) and taking over Biking Dutchman with his supportive wife and her son who just graduated in tourism seemed like a fit made in heaven!
“We are proud to see from the many reviews in different platforms during the last months, that we are maintaining the excellent service and thrilling experience our travelers have come to expect from Biking Dutchman, and we are confident that the new ideas and additional tours we are putting together, will take this company into an exciting new level.
We have a magnificent team in place, focused on client service and bringing out the best Ecuador has to offer, and these two combined will ensure an experience our travelers will cherish as a memory for life.”
Eric van Maasijk (Biking Dutchman 2.0)