“Is Cotopaxi Active? – Riding the Dragon’s Back: The Cotopaxi Adventure!”

Hey everyone, outdoor enthusiasts! I’m your dedicated guide from Biking Dutchman, here to share the inside scoop on one of our most exhilarating adventures – Mountian Biking Cotopaxi, decending the tallest active volcano on the planet!

Let’s start with the hot gossip – Cotopaxi is indeed active. And when I say active, I mean it woke up from its nap in 2015 and started showing us some fiery temper. Because of its volcanic tantrums, the summit has been off-limits for a bit. But hold onto your helmets, because there’s buzz about the summit reopening in the coming months. Fingers crossed, cotopaxi will be open for climbing to the summit soon!

Cotopaxi Volcano in the background with the silouette of bikers in front

Now, let me paint a picture of our unique descent – we start at a breathtaking 4,800 meters (that’s a whopping 15,800 feet, folks). Yes, you read that right. We at Biking Dutchman are the only tour guide group that kicks off from this dizzying height. It’s like being on top of the world, but with bikes instead of wings!

The descent is nothing short of epic. Imagine zipping down the slopes of an active volcano, with the wind in your hair and a landscape so stunning, you’ll pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. And the best part? We’re the only tour guide that takes you to the back part of the park. It’s like stepping into a secret world, away from the crowds, where you can sip water from a fresh spring. Talk about feeling like the only people on Earth!

Volcano Biking Ecuador 2 bikers in front of Cotopaxi

Picture this: You, a bike, and the open trail, with the mighty Cotopaxi looming above. It’s an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will have your heart racing and your Instagram exploding with likes.

So, are you ready to conquer Cotopaxi with us? To feel the thrill of the descent, the joy of untouched nature, and maybe brag a little about biking down the highest active volcano in the world? Join us at Biking Dutchman for an adventure that’s literally and figuratively at the peak of excitement!

Want to know more about Cotopaxi daily activity? Check out this link from the Global Volcanism Program!


And the official of page of Cotopaxi National Park here:


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